Social Media Complicates PR Profession Forever

I believe that the rise of social media has made PR professional‘s media relations activities more difficult because the amount of news and the sources providing them is limitless nowadays.  With news coming from unknown sources and anonymous ‘tweeters’, the lack of filter within the social media world can cause problems for anybody in search of news and especially for those with careers involving it.  In the past, reporters or PR professionals would seek out their news and facts from trusted sources, often off a list of trusted sources they have used for possibly years.  When they would seek these people out they were available to verify the validity of these facts pretty easily.  Nowadays, if someone posts an anonymous blog or tweet, not only do the PR professionals have to seek out the publisher but then they have to find out the validity level.  In addition, the nature of what social media is nowadays has allowed for pretty much anybody to become a self proclaimed reporter.  That means greater amounts of biases to deal with and greater amounts of opinions to sort through to get to the facts.   Not only that, but stories are really no longer exclusive to the harder working journalist or the reporter with more connections.  Stories are breaking on twitter before television and breaking on a consumer level before the newscaster level.  This changes the inherent body of work that a reporter or journalist must do forever.

 In addition I believe that just simply getting a job in the PR profession is at least ten times harder, if not more, than it was before the rise in social media.  When PR in relation to social media was just beginning to make its presence known to the world, people familiar with the field were sought after and paid well to do what they do.  Nowadays, it’s impossible to get heard with everyone tweeting, face-booking, blogging and whatever else they may do.




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