A Toast to the Courage to go Viral

In September of 2011 Carlsberg beer decided to make a video to go viral that was really more of a social experiment with pretty positive results.  The concept of the social experiment was as follows:

– a person walks into a movie theater and sees there is only two seats available, smack dab in the middle of the theater requiring maneuvering through people to get to the seats

– the catch is that the people to maneuver through are all stocky, tattooed biker men scowling at you as you attempt to get to your seat

– if you were brave enough to sit down in the seats regardless of the other people in the theater, everyone would start applauding you and toast you with an ice cold Carlsberg beer

Although the social media experiment showed that not many people were brave enough to go through with it, it was a fun way for Carlsberg to get their name out there as a fun loving, courageous beer.  The results of the viral video were 11 million views on YouTube and an all around 4.3% increase in sales of the beer.

The link to the video, which is really quite entertaining, is on the word Carlsberg.

I think this is a perfect example of a companies successful viral video campaign because not only does it use a fun social experiment to get the video recorded, but the people part of the experiment get a free beer just for being willing to sit in the last two chairs in the theater! I wish more companies were willing to employ such fun and different ways to get publicity because we as consumers would get a lot more free stuff as a result!  In addition, something like this makes me want to buy a product so much more than if I saw a clever commercial on TV or an advertisement on the side of a New York City bus.  Only thing I can say is I wish I had wandered in to that movie theater during this campaign!


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