Best Buy – Best Creativity in Customer Service

For this blog entry I have chosen to evaluate a case of customer service and what the company did well, or not so well in some cases.  In this particular case however, Best Buy treated customer service as a very important aspect of their business, which many companies do not come even close to doing.  I have more stories than I can count of absolutely dreadful run-ins with terrible customer service with company’s that clearly could care less about customer complaints.  Some of the many i’ve personally dealt with are, Cox Cable, National Grid Electric, Buckley Heating & Oil, Comcast, Verizon Wireless, Tobi Clothing and the list goes on! In this case, Best Buy gave their employees a voluntary opportunity to interact with customers via Twitter and help them with issues, respond to complaints, and even rave over great products. According to the case study “the community grows to 2,200 employees within 3 months. They respond to over 13,000 customers on Twitter answering questions, concerns, and opinions. The Twitter feed @twelpforce now counts over 40,000 followers and the number of questions averages 100-125 per day” (  I think this is a great success for them because they offered a voluntary option for their employees and it appears as if many of them were more than willing to participate.  In addition, it takes work – that  normally would have to fall on people who work for corporate and may not be as familiar with situations, and puts it in the hands of the people who are on the floor with the customers and the products.  Not only that, but upon visiting their ‘twelp force’ page, I found that they answer questions often and even in Spanish!  Three things I believe they could do that would even further improve their customer service would be:

1:  Allow employees who participate in this ‘twelp force’ to answer tweets while at work, if they are not able already.  Because this will increase frequency of responses to the tweets.

2: Do competitions via the Twitter page with coupon incentive or even giveaways to increase the use at which people will be willing to participate.

3: Put in interactive media centers in the Best Buy stores; allowing customers to participate in the Best Buy social media world while shopping!


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