The Good & the Bad of #Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has effected many people on the East Coast, including myself this past week.  Not only was I not able to use my apartment in New York City on any normal level, but I was prevented from even going home to avoid it, because my home is in New Jersey.

When I realized the extent of what Hurricane Sandy was to bring upon us in the tri-state area, I decided to make it my mission to learn all that I possibly could about the storm before it was to hit. I logged on to my Twitter and constantly checked both my news feed and the news feed for the hash tag #sandy.  Among many very interesting news facts, I also found numerous fake photographs of #sandy circulating the internet. The most ridiculous I thought, was an overly photoshopped one of the Statue of Liberty and the ascending “hurricane”.

Anyone with any sense of reality can look at this photo and understand that it is no where near real or accurate.  I found that more than 30 people in the time I was looking at the #sandy news feed ‘retweeted’ this photo to their followers.  Among this were about 7 other photos later verified to have been absolute not of Hurricane Sandy.

On the up side however, there were some people using the #sandy hashtag for good!  For example, Con Edison has been posting tweets fairly frequently since Monday about the status of electricity for millions of Americans down the east coast.  They have tweeted about who will be gaining power back and when, they have been tweeting right to their customers, and they have been tweeting in a timely manner.

@dogsanddiapers These areas will be restored by this Satuday.

@preemiedad1015 We understand how frustrating this is for everyone affected by #Sandy. We promise we are working 24/7 to get all back asap

@mattmecs Neighborhoods will be restored in clusters, but all lower/mid Manhattan should be back by this Saturday 11pm

Con Edison has acknowledged that they have angry customers and are trying their absolute best to reach them any way possible; via newspaper, magazine, telephone, email, and even Twitter as well.

As can be seen, Twitter can be used for good and for bad, as we already previously knew. As for the hurricane, I think I will not be the last to say I am certainly not sad to see it go, and am looking forward to all the Americans effected to get back on their feet.


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